TOUGH History

Historical Overview of TOUGH Simulators

Simulator Description Released Key Reference
MULKOM Research code for nonisothermal multiphase, multicomponent flows of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids No public release Pruess (1983)
TOUGH Nonisothermal flow of water and air in aqueous and gaseous phase 1987 Pruess (1987)
TOUGH2 Nonisothermal flow of water and NCG in aqueous and gaseous phase 1991 Pruess (1991)
iTOUGH Inverse modeling for TOUGH No public release Finsterle (1992)
T2VOC Nonisothermal flow of water, air and VOCs in aqueous, gaseous and NAPL phase for environmental applications 1995 Falta et al. (1995)
iTOUGH2 Inverse modeling, sensitivity analysis, uncertainty propagation analysis, and data-worth analysis for TOUGH2 and additional EOS modules 1997 Finsterle (1997abc)
TOUGH2 V2 Nonisothermal multiphase, multicomponent flow 1999 Pruess et al. (1999)
TMVOC Nonisothermal flow of water, air, multiples VOCs and NCGs in aqueous, gaseous, and NAPL phase 2002 Pruess and Battistelli (2002)
TOUGHREACT Nonisothermal multiphase flow and reactive transport including equilibrium and kinetic mineral dissolution and precipitation, chemically active gases, intra-aqueous and sorption reaction kinetics and biodegradation 2004 Xu and Pruess (2001)

Xu et al. (2004)

ECO2N EOS module for sub- and supercritical CO2 2005 Pruess (2005)
TOUGH+ Re-engineered and expanded version of TOUGH2 simulator, specifically for the simulation of hydrate-bearing geologic media. 2008 Moridis et al. (2008)
TOUGH-FLAC Research code for coupled multiphase flow and thermal-geomechanical processes; links TOUGH2 and FLAC3D (Itasca Consulting Group, 1997) No public release Rutqvist et al. (2002)
TOUGH-MP Massively parallel version of TOUGH2 2008 Zhang et al. (2008)
TOUGH2 V2.1 Nonisothermal multiphase, multicomponent flow 2011 Pruess et al. (1999/2012)
ECO2M Multiphase flow of sub- and supercritical CO2 2011 Pruess (2011)
T2Well Coupled wellbore–reservoir simulator 2011 Pan et al. (2011)
TOUGHREACT V2.0 Version 2.0 of TOUGHREACT, distributed by Berkeley Lab Marketplace 2012 Xu et al. (2012)
EOS7C-ECBM Module for enhanced coal bed methane (includes dusty gas model) 2013 Webb (2011)
TOUGHREACT V3.0-OMP A version of the reactive transport simulator TOUGHREACT that includes OpenMP parallelization of chemical reactions 2014 Xu et al. (2014)
NAPL: nonaqueous phase liquid; NCG: noncondensible gas; VOC: volatile organic compound