iTOUGH2 Price Sheet

To simplify purchasing and processing, iTOUGH2 is sold as a package of the iTOUGH2 core and all related Equation-of-State (EOS) modules. Please see the tables below for lists of prices and related EOS modules. If you have already purchased the package, or iTOUGH2 core and some or all related EOS modules, you may be eligible for a discount.

Check out the one-page summary of TOUGH2 enhancements for iTOUGH2 users, and the one-page summary for data analysis features in iTOUGH2. For details, visit the iTOUGH2 Web Site.

Please review information on licensing agreements and discounts before ordering.

iTOUGH2 v7.1 package ยป Order Now!
Type Commercial Non-Commercial, Academic US Government, Collaborator
Source $20,000 $3,000 $0
Executable $7,500 $1,125 $0
Software in iTOUGH2 v7.1 package
Software Description Manual
iTOUGH2 Core Simulation-optimization framework for predictive modeling, inverse modeling, sensitivity analysis, data-worth analysis, and uncertainty propagation analysis for the TOUGH non-isothermal multiphase flow simulator and external codes. iTOUGH2 User’s Guide

iTOUGH2 Command Reference

iTOUGH2 Sample problems

TOUGH2 Enhancements

iTOUGH2 EOS1 Water, water with tracer, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS1SC Water, water with tracer, heat under sub- and supercritical conditions EOS1sc User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS2 Water, CO2, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS3 Water, air, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS4 Water, air, heat, with vapor pressure lowering TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS5 Water, hydrogen, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS7 Water, brine, air, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS7R Water, brine, air, radionuclide1, radionuclide2, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS7C Water, brine, CO2 or N2, CH4, tracer, heat EOS7c User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS7CA Water, brine, NCG (CO2, N2, or CH4), gas tracer, air, heat EOS7ca User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS8 Water, air, oil, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOS9 Water (Richards equation) TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EOSGEL Water, air, miscible gelling liquid, heat EOSGEL User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 ECO2N Water, brine, CO2, heat ECO2N User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 ECO2M Water, brine, CO2, heat (multiphase) ECO2M User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 EWASG Water, air, NCG, heat TOUGH2 User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 T2VOC Water, air, VOCs, heat T2VOC User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 TMVOC Water, VOCs, NCGs, heat TMVOC User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 GSLIB Internally create spatially correlated property fields based on GSLIB iTOUGH2-GSLIB User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 Hysteresis Hysteretic relative permeability and capillary pressure functions Hysteresis Module User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 PEST PEST interface for model-independent iTOUGH2 analyses iTOUGH2-PEST User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 PVM Parallel execution on Unix/Linux cluster (requires PVM) iTOUGH2-PVM User’s Guide
iTOUGH2 PARALLEL Parallel execution on multicore machines iTOUGH2-PVM User’s Guide

TOUGH-related software can be ordered on-line from the Berkeley Lab Marketplace. If you have any questions or comments about licensing, please send an e-mail to [email protected].gov. If you have technical questions, please contact the developer team.