TOUGH-Related Codes Licensing & Download

Please check available License Agreements before purchasing TOUGH-related codes.

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Prices listed below may change without notice. Please go to the LBNL Marketplace for the most up-to-date pricing. The following TOUGH-related codes are distributed as stand-alone software packages, i.e., no core module needs to be purchased.
Software V Description Manual Price
Commercial Non-Commercial, Academic U.S. Government, Collaborator
Source Executable Source Executable Source Executable
GasEOS 2.0 Computes real gas properties $1000 free (see WebGas EOS) $250 free (see WebGas EOS) $0 free (see WebGas EOS)
EOS7C-ECBM 1.0 Water, brine, CO2 or N2, tracer, CH4, and heat, with ECBM isotherm and Dusty Gas Model EOS7C-ECBM User’s Guide $7500 $4000 $2500 included $0 included
EOS9nT 2.11 Water, tracers, colloids EOS9nT User’s Guide;
Addendum DD;
Addendum UID
$5000 N/A $500 N/A $0 N/A
T2Well-ECO2N 1.02 TOUGH2-ECO2N with multiphase wellbore simulator T2Well-ECO2N User’s Guide $7500 $3000 $2500 included $0 included
TOGA 1.0 TOUGH Oil, Gas, Aqueous TOGA User’s Guide $15000 $5000 $2000 $1000 $0 $0
WinGridder 3.0 Graphical mesh generator WinGridder User’s Guide N/A $6000 N/A $600 N/A $0

TOUGH-related software packages can be ordered on-line from the Berkeley Lab Marketplace. If you have any questions or comments about licensing, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. If you have technical questions, please contact the Developer Team.