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TOUGH+ Licensing & Download

Please check available License Agreements before purchasing TOUGH+.

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Software Version Description Manual PRICES
Commercial Non-Commercial, Academic U.S. Government, Collaborator#
Source Executable† Source Executable† Source Executable†
TOUGH+Core (needs to be purchased in addition to at least one EOS module listed below)
TOUGH+Core 1.5 TOUGH+Core subroutines TOUGH+ Core Manual (v1.5) $5000 $2000 $1250 $500 $0# N/A&
TOUGH+ EOS Modules (EOS modules cannot be ordered without also purchasing TOUGH+Core (see above))
RealGasBrine 1.0 Simulates behavior of gas-bearing geologic formations

Needs TOUGH+Core v1.5 to compile and run

TOUGH+ RGB Manual $4000 $1600 $1000 $400 $0# $0#
Hydrate 1.5 Simulates behavior of hydrate-bearing geologic formations

Needs TOUGH+Core v1.5 to compile and run

TOUGH+ Hydrate Manual (v1.5) $25,000 $8,000 $1000 $500 $0# $0#
pT+H: Parallel Version of TOUGH+ Hydrate (prices include modified version TOUGH+Core)
pT+H 1.0 Parallel version of TOUGH+ Hydrate

Includes parallel version of TOUGH+Core

TOUGH+ Hydrate Manual (v1.0) $65,000 N/A& $6000 N/A& $0# N/A&

# U.S. Government organizations may request a source code and/or end-user (executable) license. Collaborators may request only an end-user (executable) license; it is up to the code developer’s disgression to make the source code available to a Collaborator.

& The corresponding option is not available.

Due to limitations of the Windows operating system, PC executables may not run for large problems (many grid blocks, especially with many equations). For such problems (roughly greater than 50K to 100K grid blocks), it is recommended to buy the source code and compile it yourself on a Linux machine or in a Linux environment within a PC.


TOUGH-related software packages can be ordered on-line from the Berkeley Lab Marketplace. If you have any questions or comments about licensing, please send an e-mail to If you have technical questions, please contact the Developer Team.