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Some free software packages are currently not available (N/A); we are working diligently to make them available again. We will update this webpage as soon as they are available so please check back periodically. Thanks for your patience.

Free Software (no support)
Module Version Description Download
Instructions Source Code Executable
AMESH 1.0 Generates layered TOUGH mesh based on 2D Voronoi tesselation of user-specified, irregular surface points ReadMe.txt

etype 1.0 Perl script to calculate mean and variance of point quantities at reference locations from multiple output files (e.g., from Monte Carlo simulations); by Jerry Fairley See header of script Currently N/A
EXT 1.0 Extracts data from TOUGH2 output file for visualization with TECPLOT EXT.pdf EXT.exe
FLAC2TOUGH 1.0 Matlab script to translate FLAC3D input files into TOUGH2 input files; by Antonio Rinaldi FLAC2 TOUGH.pdf FLAC2
MESH_FLAC2TOUGH 1.0 Converts a FLAC3D mesh to a TOUGH mesh; by Laura Blanco Martin ReadMe.txt MESH FLAC2 MESH FLAC2
MeshMaker 1.5 Mesh generator for radial and rectilinear meshes MeshMaker.pdf
TOUGH Ancillary Code
(Visit the Pre- and Post- Processors page for a brief description of each of the items included in this package)
Includes: MoveMesh, AddBound, Perm2Mesh, AssignRock, CutCavity, EOS9EOS3, DeleteElements, and MINC2MESH ReadMe.txt
toughio 1.0 Refer to Free Pre- and Post-processor page for more information toughio software toughio docs
TOUGH2Matlab 1.0 Extracts data from TOUGH2 output file for visualization with Matlab; by Antonio Rinaldi TOUGH2 Matlab.pdf TOUGH2
TMT2 2.0 Translates a MODFLOW grid created with GMS to a TOUGH2 grid (please send e-mail to Andrea Borgia with feedback). Currently N/A Currently N/A Currently N/A
T2ext 1.1 Perl script to extract data from TOUGH2-MP file OUTPUT_DATA; by Jerry Fairley Currently N/A Currently N/A

TOUGH-related software packages can be ordered on-line from the Berkeley Lab Marketplace. If you have any questions or comments about licensing, please send an e-mail to If you have technical questions, please contact the Developer Team.