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Lifetime Achievement Award

Karsten Pruess was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award for Development of the TOUGH Codes on Tuesday, September 18th, at the 2012 TOUGH Symposium in Berkeley, CA.

Appreciations from the User Community

Curt Oldenburg TOUGH2 is my laboratory, field site, and customizable analytical tool all in one! I am deeply appreciative of the opportunities that TOUGH2 has given me in my research career. Thank you for this.
Stefan Finsterle TOUGH2 is the powerful engine that enables iTOUGH2 to fly – thank you, Karsten, for building it, and thank you for all you taught me over so many years.
Nic Spycher
And so, TOUGH gave birth to TOUGHREACT, giving reactive transport a whole new and exciting level.
Thank you Karsten!
Jonny Rutqvist TOUGH (with FLAC) provided me with an unimaginable world of multiphase flow and geomechanics applications and research collaborations.
Eric Sonnenthal
One small step for TOUGH, one infinite domain for mankind.
Barry Freifeld My domain of interest is making measurements in the real world – not a numerical model. But I have learned before going to the field, TOUGH is like the American Express Card – “don’t leave home without it.
Fabrizio Gherardi Thanks for putting a good deal of ‘rigorous simplicity’ in my intrinsically ‘non-linear geochemical reasoning’.
Seyed Mostafa Salehi I have two new idea for research as interdisciplinary projects 1-the earth electromagnetism2-the earth isostasy deformation & its affection on the earth climatology revolution & earth warming .
Paul Hsieh Thank you, Karsten. Your development of the TOUGH codes has provided an invaluable tool for analysis and discovery in the geosciences.
Alexey Kiryukhin Karsten Pruess created a tool, which integrated hydrogeology, geophysics, geochemistry, engineering geology, geothermal and environmental in one science. The name of the tool is TOUGH2.
T. Dung TRAN Without TOUGH2 many interesting research papers would not be released. TOUGH2 has had the family of three generations and will see so on, I think. Thank you, the Grandfather, for TOUGH2.
Jonathan Ennis-King The extensibility of the TOUGH codes have been ideal for meeting research challenges in modelling underground storage CO2. Thanks Karsten for your innovation and generosity.
Steve Webb Karsten – Thanks for developing the code and for your friendship and collaboration over the past 20+ years. It was always enjoyable working with you!!
Daniel Swenson I am sitting here working on the user interface for ECO2M and just wanted to thank you for all your work on TOUGH2. Your vision, precision, and generosity have made these codes a wonderful resource. Of course, Thunderhead would not exist without them.
Tony Menzies Congratulations; well deserved. Thanks for the friendship over the years and looking forward to a beer next time I’m in Berkeley. And thanks also the interaction and help with the going got TOUGH…2.
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